Chris Dickey is a recognized expert in parliamentary procedure and advises organizations throughout North America. As a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, she can help your organization conduct efficient and effective meetings by providing the following services:

  • Serve as a Convention or Meeting Parliamentarian
  • Consult on Creation, Revision or Amendments of Bylaws
  • Advise Officers on Parliamentary Procedure
  • Train the Presiding Officer
  • Consult on Conducting Business Using Electronic Means
  • Conduct Parliamentary Procedure Workshops
  • Serve as a Professional Presiding Officer
  • Lead Delegate Briefings
  • Write Formal Parliamentary Opinions
  • Supervise Elections and Tabulation of Ballots
  • Conduct Board of Directors Training
  • Serve as a Mediator
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Instruct Committees on the Scope of Authority and Duties
  • Consult with Staff on Organizational Issues
  • Serve as an Expert Witness
  • Provide Solutions for Parliamentary Issues